Monday, April 18, 2016

Cope with life.

Now and then I've been into a miserable days, months. Roughly all I could say is completely about heart; feelings to be exact! Actually it's too abstract to talk about feelings as we all know it is trueistic to measure something that we cannot predict. Okay let me go straight before we drown into an ocean. Basically to have feeling is something norm to all of us. Sad, angry, love, happy and etc are sort of feeling and to deal with them is somewhat we should learn by ourselves. That is what I assume, coping with life. 

My point is (as a teen) I'd prefer to talk about love; a feeling that we naturally have in order for all of us to grow older and thus maturer. (Ignore all the posts I've posted before that were somehow really childish and stupid but I prefer to keep them as for my "bored session" later). This post is mainly about how to cope when you fall or love someone that "maybe" not suitable for you or I could say do not love you back. Do not worry dear people, you are too good for them. TOO GOOD! So, don't be sad, have faith and read all this.


First and foremost, you can always implement these steps to either your ex-es, crushes or maybe friends. 

1. Give yourself time. 

    When you are just having a rough time because of the people you love, you really need to give yourself time to grieve or deal with your uncontrolled emotion. Some people might say "make yourself busy", I cannot say not to that as that is one of the best method I used to try. But believe me, by doing so, you do not really cope with your emotion correctly. You are trying to push all the pain away eventhough it still remains there. My advice is, try to be patient. Give yourself time to reward the pain by accepting the fact or in Islam we say "Redha". That is going to be hard but trust me, when you accept the fact that they do not love you anymore or they do not know you're exist ((crush)), you will be alright and receive peace straight away into your heart.

2. Make a space from them

     Constantly being bombarded from your ex or crushes is not going to help you to go through this drab phase. First of all, in order for you to survive this technique, you have to stop stalking them on for instance; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Whatsapp. You can always block them on social media so you would not be tempted to stay on the phone looking at their posts or being over-analyzing that they might be upset for leaving your or they might as well miss you like how you do. If you are still constantly stalking them, this will make your heartbroken phase is becoming more harder to settle.

3. Make plans

      Meanwhile you are still dealing with your unease feeling, you should always remind yourself that life is worth living. It is going to be hard at first but try at least twice a week. Maybe you can always go for a coffee with your friends or watch any movies possible but avoid love story that would probably remind you about your ex or crushes. Try! You will be happier.

4. Be a morning person

     Life is all about how you start your day. I advice you to be a morning person; wake up early and inhale the morning breeze. You can always go for a walk around the park, jogging, hiking or cycling. Make sure you consume your morning with a very productive activity. Go breakfast alone and just having a cup of coffee will place your heart at calm and lovely. For Muslim, do not forget to perform Subh, Allah SWT is not going to let you go through everything, ALONE!

5. Avoid listen to sad song 

    Anyhow, in our life there must be a song that you could relate to your situation. There is always a line of lyrics that represent what is happening to you and that sure could make your heart ache and you will be sad as you could remember all the things you have did with your ex. It does not help you so please stay away from sad song. Listen to a song that could boost your motivation. It will give you new inspiration to start a new beginning.

6. Do not be alone 

   My advice is do not be alone. Be with your friends or family, they will always be there for us. Sitting alone could make you think about your ex more and more and that will make it hard for you to cope with your mission; stop the attachment from them (ex).Tell your bestfriend about your mission, seek help from them. Trust me, friends are the most understanding person you could ever know. They always have the idea of making your heart ease, so talk to them. 

For now I could only give you 6 ways to deal with heartbreak. I am pretty sure there are a lot of another ways to deal with your sadness upon breaking up. Patient is the most important thing in order to have peace and wonderful life ahead. 

You need to do this 3 basic things:

1) Know yourself - get to know yourself, your passion, hobbies or what do you like. 

2) Love yourself - after analyzing everything that possibly make you happy

3) Treat yourself - give yourself a self reward & shine your life with  everything you that you could

Life is only once, if you do not consume it with happiness, who will do? 


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