Saturday, July 27, 2013

what hurts the MOST.

you know what hurts you the most is? for me, it is "Being "just friends" with someone you want the most". hm in my case, i would always being just friends with the one i love the most. like so many times i've been dumb by the one who i wish to be together. it's okay, i am also a teenager. right? xD falling in love is normal. it's just with whom i fall to is different. 

for this time, i fell for somebody who love somebody else. it's like i'm running for no reason. i'm chasing for somebody who chase someone else. but truthfully, you never supposed to mean this much to me, i was never supposed to fall this hard. but you know what? i did that's the truth, that's what keep me holding on. because it hurts like HELL  to let you go. :( 

entah lah. I thought you were different to others. but i'm wrong. hah, like usually i'm wrong lah. :') 
it's my fate to be fall in love with you. i hope you would ever at least notice me. once.

i am the type of person who is always smile and loves to laugh. if you are falling down, i will be right there to pick you up. i'm the one who always says sorry, even if it is not my fault. even if i'm feeling like the scum of the earth, I WILL NEVER LET YOU KNOW. This is me, the one who is afraid to love, because I have already lost so much! :( 

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