Saturday, July 27, 2013

it's me. COMPLEX

That is why every now and then, i always said that i am just the way so complex to understand. well, that is me. i am just the way who i am. and what people knows is just a part of me, i even still yet don't know what type of person i am. what is me? hahaha this is so complicated. so so complicated. because people still judges me like they know me 100%. i tell you, i also don't completely understand myself. and who are you to judge me here and there? it's a mess. i hate people. people are people :'( hmm. 

i am PARADOX. i want to be happy, but i think of things that make me sad. i'm lazy, yet i'm ambitious. i don't like myself but i also love who i am. i say i don't care, but seriously i really do. i crave for attention, but when it comes my way, i reject it. i'm a conflicted contradiction, and IF I CAN'T FIGURE OUT MYSELF, THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE ELSE HAS. :'( You get it? Pleaseeeeeee make a move and stop talking about myself. I have lost so much. Everything, except my family.

i just want to be happy here in this drab world. please let me be happy while i still can. nobody knows who is me and what's happened to me right? pleaseee let me be happy for a while. yeahh, every day i smile. every moment i laugh. i really love to smile and laugh, because i want people around me to make me happy. eventhough it's hurt. just let me and myself only know it right? hmmm. 

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