Saturday, August 3, 2013

Have you ever thought?

Hai guys and girls. For today i would like to start my post with a question. Have you ever thought? emm. what eh? Haaaaaaa

Have you ever thought you meant a lot to someone and then you find out that you're just one person out of so many others that they talk to. and compare to the way they talk to the other people, you are really just nothing? :'(

But at some point, I have to realize that some people can stay in my heart. but not in my life. but somehow. to be happy we have to forget about what's gone or what is not meant to be yours. and look forward to what's coming next. em em. 

for me. i would always fake a smile on my face. draw a cute smile and blow a great voice. so that, people won't ever know i'm hurts. or even i'm dying. oh god. almighty Allah why do you have to burden me with this kind of problem. 

i just want to forget all the things. how can i know you this short period of time. and we get so close. like seriously close. and i just can't stop thinking of you while you can just sleep without thinking of me. i just want to forget you forever. forever. forever. 

it's hurts when you just can remains as a friend with the one you want the most. but i'm starting to wonder if you ever really cared. and and I still like you. but i'm tired of trying. night :'( 

Tomorrow. please. be. nice. to. me. tq xoxo

it is a sad Good Night. 

P/S : oh by the way aku gaduh dengan bestfriend aku nuya. haha kau bongek lah -_- kalau kau baca post nih, kesian lah kat aku. aku tengah sedih, jgn barankan aku lagi gila. haha kirim salam Fared sayang kau tuh. aku doakan korang kawin. dah puas hati? nak sangat aku letak nama kau dalam blog ni -,- bye! 

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